Top Beauty Trends 2023 – Coquette Makeup

Beauty is even better when it’s ultra-glam. That’s why the latest trend in the industry is turning heads. Everybody on TikTok is talking about coquette makeup. Glamour describes it as a hyperfeminine blast from the past dating back to the 80’s and 90’s. If you are truly a makeup enthusiast you’ll love this look that’s all about being extra fab.

Pretty Fancy

Top makeup pros create the coquette look with rosy hues, big lashes, and soft shades. According to Metro, here’s how you do it. Start with a sheer foundation, add a rose color to your cheekbones, color your lids with a pink or berry tone, and add a touch of liquid highlighter.

Beauty In All The Right Places

The go to products to get this look are pretty amazing. Fan favorite Dior has the perfect blush. ColourPop’s Fresh Kiss Lip Creme is a right fit and Gucci has the most beautiful $152 eyeshadow palette called Beauté Des Yeux Gorgeous Flora. Mac cosmetics even has a shadow named after this trend.

With just a few girly coquette aesthetics, you’ll be all dolled up and ready for selfies.

Looking for more info on Coquette Makeup? Click the links below:

Harpers Bazaar

Pure Wow

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