Happy Spring 2021

Today marks the first day of the 2021 spring season. Many also recognize this day as the Spring Equinox, the start of the Persian New Year – Nowruz Mubarak, Ostara, and Holy Hai, This means a little extra sunlight, spring cleaning, and a change in the earth’s elliptical orbit. For makeup enthusiasts, this means switching up a few products. Now is the time for that bright fuchsia lipstick, teal eyeshadow, and peach blush.

According to Vogue, fuchsia gets a good look because of its versatility. You can easily go from a light and prissy glam to a bold, dramatic display with the right bright pink. Paris recommends a little glitter and a matte base for a timeless spring palette. I can surely agree. I always tend to go back to my classic pinks or even peach tones to keep a cheery bright glow.

Burts Bees also recently mentioned a few makeup tips for the spring. Their twitter feed lit up with comments on ways to purge of your old makeup at the start of the spring. Their top spring essentials are products like the deep moisture bundle, lip shimmer, very volumizing pomegranate shampoo, lavender and honey hand cream, and satin lipstick. I instantly fell in love with the hydrating facial mist and love everything micellular.

Another line that launched a new collection just in time for the spring is AVON. Several twitter feeds featured images of the 3-in-1 palette with pastel colors like pink, gold, purple, and blue for the eyes and cheeks. I must say that these soft colors are my favorite and I enjoyed the touch of glimmer.

On a more serious note I am deeply saddened by what is going on with this hatred in Atlanta. It would be an injustice to not mention my concern and recognition of the connection that I have had with the Asian community through the years. I pray for healing and justice for all of those affected.


3 Dazzling Makeup Ideas for Mardi Gras 2021

Parades have been cancelled for Mardi Gras 2021 due to COVID 19 but many of us are still planning to grab our masks, beads, and top hats. Even though we are still in quarantine we can still find ways to have fun. For makeup lovers this means celebrating Carnival with some exciting new Mardi Gras inspired looks.

If you are looking for ways to play around in your makeup and enjoy the festivities indoors, here are a few ways to get your glow on.

Color It Up

The traditional Mardi Gras colors are Purple, Green and Gold. Morphe sells a colorful eyeshadow palette called 35M BOSS MOOD ARTISTRY PALETTE with shades like Popstar, Hello Sunshine, and Light of the Party to create your perfect festive palette.

Let It Shine

Liquid Eyeshadow by Too Faced can spice up your makeup while you catch that Mardi Gras vibe in the middle of the living room.

Make It Glam

There can never be enough glitter when it comes to Fat Tuesday. Celebrate in your own way by adding a touch of glitter eyeliner to your Mardi Gras look this year.

NARS Orgasm Blush Limited Edition

Photo by jazminantoinette via Unsplash

Have you heard about the new line recently released from NARS? Word has it that this top of the line beauty brand introduced a new collection of blushes for all of the beauty obsessed folks out there and the reviews are saying good things. I took some time out to do some research on the NARS Air Matte Blush and I am anxious to tell you all about it.

The NARS Air Matte Blush comes in several illuminating colors called gasp, rush, torch, hushed, darling, scandalous, orgasm, and freedom.   This flossy cheek color collection is described as a metamorphizing blush that seamlessly transitions from mousse form to a velvety glaze with a light, airy feel.

You can purchase the blush through Narscosmetics.com, Ulta, or Sephora for just $30.

Top beauty influencers have some really good things to say about it too! YouTuber Heyjess talks about the color Freedom from the NARS Air Matte Blush line. She called the blush effortless, natural, and sheer while she raved about how much she loved it in her video. Rebecca shows a few swatches on her arm comparing the original NARS orgasm blush to the NARS Aire Matte orgasm blush in her YouTube video.

I personally love cream blushes. I have really dry skin sometimes and the creaminess helps to eliminate the late afternoon dull skill look. They go on really smooth and seamless and make you look really vibrant. AND you can throw them in your bag and do quick touch ups on the go.

I am very excited to try this new line and will post a video review soon.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. #Glamchat later!

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Best Lipstick for Office Vibes #beautyreview

I have literally spent years trying to find the right lipstick colors that not only match my moods, style, trends, and complexion – but one that I can wear in the office. I know things are a lot more relaxed right now and many people are working remotely but I’ve always dreamed of having a lip color that works for that ultimate professional vibe or you know the makeup with no makeup look.

I have tried a number of lipsticks from Revlon, Kylie Cosmetics, Maybelline, Ulta, Sephora, Burt’s Bees, and local beauty shops. I tried mac lipstick, matte lipstick, and liquid lipstick – even pink lipstick, nude lipstick, and lip gloss, but I never really just found that one perfect everyday lipstick color for me. I must admit that I am a big fan of Carmax but I wanted something with that same soothing feeling with just a hint of color. This has been a process that has taken place over the years resulting in a collection of at least 25 lipsticks. BUT recently, I decided to give it another try and stumbled upon the perfect Chapstick that gives me just a hint of lip color without being too overly made up or glossy.

Along came Chap Stick total hydration. I ordered the Chap Stick from Amazon and I was really impressed so here’s my review!

(Just as a side note – I designed a new scoring system for my future beauty product reviews and I’ll be using it to rate this beauty product.)

Beauty Score

Price                                                                                                                      10

The item is reasonably priced.

Quality                                                                                                                  10

The product is of good quality and there is a wide variety of colors.

Availability                                                                                                          10

The product is widely available in local drug stores and online.

Packaging                                                                                                            10

The packaging is of high quality, protective, and easy to open.

Product                                                                                                                10

The product aligns with claims made by the company.

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Luna Magic Beauty for Mask Eye Makeup

For most makeup aficionados the thought of having to wear a mask constantly, despite major concerns caused by COVID-19, is quite unsettling. As silly as it seems I have personally felt secretly frustrated about putting on my makeup and then putting on my lipstick and then remembering that I just have to put a mask over it. Sometimes I wipe it off and other times I just leave it and let it smudge inside the mask. Without taking away from the dangers of not wearing a mask, I started thinking about ways to still enjoy doing my mask eye makeup and stumbled upon Luna Makeup.

The Luna makeup shark tank cosmetic line inspired me to think about ways to enjoy doing makeup again by focusing one area of my face that is not covered by a mask – My Eyes. According to Heavy.com, Luna Magic makeup was founded in Los Angeles by two sisters who shared a passion for multicultural cosmetics. The Frías sisters pitched their cosmetic line to investors Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, and Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank and the brand has been growing ever since.

The makeup line features eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, luna makeup brushes, eyelashes, fragrance oils, and scented candles with a unique flair. Their bestselling eyeshadow makeup palette offers an array of vibrant eyeshadow colors like Salud, Amor, Papi, Plata, and Diamante and the Luna Magic Exclusive eyelashes will most definitely give you an extra flair behind the mask. You can also find the Blend It Girl Eye Makeup Brushes Set on Boxy Charm, a subscription-based makeup and beauty box service (which I hear are really popular right now).

So, if you are looking for a way to reclaim your creativity and beauty with makeup and get over the hum drum of the daily mask a few extra pairs of lashes or colorful eyeshadows might help. Here are a few spicy makeup looks that I found that might inspire you to fight the good fight for glam.

Now is the time to try a bright new color like green, purple, or fuchsia for bold eyes behind the mask.

Photo by @andreaesme via Unsplash

Think eyeshadow outside the box. Use neutral colors to highlight the area between the lid and brow line or spice up your glam by applying eyeshadow under the lower lashes.

Photo by @emilianovittoriosi via Unsplash

Use bold lashes to let your beauty shine through.

Photo by @apostolos vamvoura via Unsplash

Want to see more looks – Check out this article from Allure.

Bold Eye Makeup Looks to Wear With Your Face Mask

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