Makeup Look Ideas – 90’s Grunge

Today’s beauty influencers have been posting some hot new looks on social media. There’s tons of scroll stopping makeup inspiration on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, but top makeup artists and experts are saying that some of the classic looks from the good ole days are on the rise. One major makeup trend that everyone has been talking about is 90’s grunge makeup, and this throwback is an oldie but no so goody goody.

Makeup without Limits

Beauty Revival

Remember Avril Lavigne, dramatic lids, and metallic bold lips? This trend is making a major comeback, showing that classic beauty is incredible even when it’s a bit smudged.

But what is grunge really? says it all started with grunge fashion and was all about matte makeup, dark lips, and a whole lot of smoke.

Hey, don’t call the fire station!

Whip out that black eyeliner pencil and color your beauty beyond the lines.

Nostalgic Gorgeousness

It’s the look that 90’s beauty icons like Gwen Stefani, Johnny Depp, and Drew Barrymore used to capture our hearts. And the best part of it all was that there weren’t any rules. Grunge beauty gives makeup artists and enthusiasts a chance to explore their creativity without bounds. It’s no wonder why it’s a top makeup trend in 20223.

Get the Look

Lips – Black, Brown, or Burgundy

Eyes – Black liner, Earthy Colors, Smoked Out, Imperfectly applied, Lashes drenched in mascara

Foundation – Matte skin, Full coverage, Photo ready baking

The Makeup Wishlist

Cosmo says you can get the look with Fenty Stunna Lipstick in Unveil, Smashbox Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette in Minimalist, Maybelline Master Kayla liner, Covergirl Exhibitionist liner, NYX Lipstick Dark Era, and TRUE COLOR Mineral Matte Crème Powder Foundation.

Don’t forget the smudge brush and a pair of combat boots!



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