The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Makeover

One of my very first major purchases as a teenager was an eMachine computer. I would stay in my bedroom for hours keeping myself entertained on the internet. It’s amazing how what used to be a great escape is now a necessity. I remember the days of MySpace and #followfriday on Twitter. Things have most certainly changed. Through the years, I’ve been very unsuccessful at creating the perfect social media look. I’ve had tons of digital marketing makeovers. Here’s a few tips on how to touch up your social media and become a total cyber babe.

Bring on the Wow

Have you ever found that one piece of content that stirs up something in you? An article or picture that made you want to write, try something new, or make a change in your life. Aspire to wow your audience by being authentic. Create standout posts that inspire your followers and stops their scroll. Just like a touch of bright lipstick or a sparkly shade of eyeshadow, adding those extra finishes can truly reveal your unique style.

Set the Social Media Stage

Famed reality show judges like Randy Jackson, RuPaul, and Tyra Banks gave us a good idea of what it’s like to be in the spotlight. On the social media stage, we all want to get high scores. Metrics matter when it comes to understanding how your social media resonates with your audience. If you were in a beauty pageant you’d be judged on talent, evening wear, interview, and physical fitness. With social media, it’s all about impressions, reach, views, and engagement. When you know how to set your mark, you’ll be prepared to present fierce content that impresses everyone who sees your post, reel, or story.

Trust the Process

When you do your makeup for a special occasion you probably don’t just carelessly throw it on. Applying makeup is a process. It usually starts with moisturizer, primer, foundation, and concealer. Then you might add blush, highlighter, some eyeshadow and things like eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Creating great content takes the same care. Take your time to put it all together and make something that truly shines on the web.

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