Morphe Grants Christmas Wish

Here’s something you didn’t know. I used to work in a makeup store. For 18 months, I worked for Bare Escentuals, I learned the basics on foundations, eyeshadow, blushes, and skin care. I did makeovers for all different skin types and even met the founder once.

It was a fabulous experience but also a lot of hard work, but the reason why it matters most is that it helped me understand just how much beauty means. It was a great feeling to brighten someone’s day with a new glimmer eyeshadow or the perfect match foundation. I enjoyed working with “the girls” and I worked at the airport so it was always fast paced.

After many many years I still kept my beauty must haves, but this year I got a gift that helped me to look back to something I used to enjoy – makeup. I got my first fairly recent “official” eyeshadow palette. After studying tons of beauty influencers and lines and cheering on so many who had a full list of empties, I took the first step and bought a the Jaclyn Hill palette.

This was not an easy feat. I watched it for weeks online. I watched videos to confirm this was the one I wanted. I ordered and waited just a few days to grab it from the mailroom. When I went to get it it wasn’t there.

Then, I called Ulta and they were so kind to give me a refund. I ordered it again and went to pick it up in store (along with my Mario Badescu facial spray).

This was such a great gift. I left it sitting on my television stand just to open on the Christmas day and even decided to grab the brushes. I am hoping that this marks the beginning of a new and old thing and I can share my story more in the new year!

Thank you for so much inspiration!

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