B2B Marketing Exchange #B2BMX

The B2B Marketing Exchange event hosted by Demand Gen Report took place on June 6 – 8, offering informative sessions about current trends and the road ahead for digital transformation. The workshops covered a wide range of topics from ABM 101 to ABM measurement and optimization. My interests were data quality, demand generation, interactive video, and persona development.

Kronologic hosted a session called, “Candy is Dandy, but liquor is quicker. Data is fly, but engagement means ROI.” I had several moments of reflection after the session and thought about the effectiveness of traditional marketing methods in contrast to new-age marketing approaches. My key takeaway was that an effective approach to increasing engagement is possibly finding the right cadence and communicating across multiple touchpoints. Ultimately, improved engagement = higher conversions.

Stanley Black & Decker hosted a session called, “Game – Changing ABE Strategy.”  The conversation was mainly about Account-Based Engagement, which prompted me to think about brands that use social media for customer service and customer support. It was exciting to think about how support cases can enable further customer engagement, help to determine the true voice of the customer, allow brands to learn more about customers, and position them to deliver on expectations.

One book that I read in school was Storybranding 2.0 by Jim Signorelli. I had really enjoyed the material and was excited to see the session called, “Storytelling for Specific Target Audience,” hosted by Microsoft. My key takeaways were understanding the importance of collaboration in overcoming human biases, thinking beyond strategy, and creating content that resonates. I also thought about brands I like and their core values.

Overall, the sessions were very engaging and sparked some really deep thinking on the future of marketing. Other topics explored in the marketing exchange included customer experience, video content, email marketing, and community building – and of course, everyone is talking about ABM. Some of the companies that participated were Demandbase, Drift, RollWorks, Integrate, MRP, and Sendoso.

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