From Child’s Pose to Sun Salutations – My Yoga Experience

Eat More Yoga

I’ve read countless articles and blogs on the benefits of yoga, but nothing speaks louder than actually giving it a try. From spin bicycling to Zumba and Pilates, I’ve tried many different exercise routines, but for some reason I never really gave yoga a go. I made a note on my calendar in May that said EAT MORE YOGA and finally decided to drop by my local gym and get some of the benefits that I’ve been reading about.

Yoga Benefits to Boast About

Healthline says yoga improves flexibility, reduces stress, boosts immunity, improves balance, and increases strength. I can surely use a little bit of all of that, but the thought of stretching and posing seemed much more appealing than actually being there and going through the motions. According to MindBodyGreen, doing yoga every day can even help to improve performance while doing other exercises.

Yoga Essentials

So, I showed up with my yoga mat that had been tucked away in my closet collecting dust for a while, landed there on the floor and tried to remember the last time that I had attended a yoga class. It had been at least a year, and it was just a one-time deal that was a little more advanced than I had expected. This time my experience was challenging, but I was able to make it through to speak first-hand on some of the benefits that I’ve read about.

I found myself being a little self-critical and thinking about how inflexible I was. I felt some pain during certain poses, but it helped me to identify areas where I may be holding tension. I debated on if I should look in the mirror and was a slightly uncomfortable about certain movements.  I also felt more challenged than I had expected but left inspired to continue adding this into my workout routine. I experienced an immediate change in my range of motion and balance. Ultimately, I decided to give it another go, but to start again as beginner and take it slow. I would consider myself a dedicated member of the #fitclub but my yoga experience challenged me to look into other areas that I can improve upon.  

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