So Healthy and Well in January 2020

Hi there,

I hope your year is off to a great start! One of the things that has really helped me this year is getting connected with a book club, trying new gym classes, and waist training.

Photo by Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

The book club has been fantastic! We are reading Awakening Joy by James Baraz. It really helps to reinforce my commitment to meditating and staying in peace no matter what life throws at me.

I’ve met some really great women and I’m glad to reconnect. After losing my sister and mother it feels very encouraging to get some good feminine vibes. There is nothing that can replace losing a mother or sibling. The book has helped me to understand suffering and use mindfulness practices to deal with loss.

Photo by Alexis Brown via Unsplash

On a more lighthearted note, I’ve always loved gym classes. This is a great way to be around people who are interested in being healthy and active like me. I’ll have to write another post to tell you more about these experiences, but they now have some really unique ways to burn calories that I am excited about. My last trial class was Pilates and that was much more challenging than I expected. There are many ways to stay enthused about working out.

The purchase of my new waist trainer is another adventure. The belly seems to be the last thing to go. Ive lost and kept off about 20 pounds, but this is still a trouble area for me. I’ve used waist training on and off for about two years and decided to get a new one just for my workouts.

The great news is that I think I finally purchased the right one! It is much more comfortable and still gets results. I’ll post more on this in the future too but I’ll tell you that the most impactful waist training routine was wrapping, applying sweet sweat, and walking for an hour a day at least four times a week.

That’s what’s going on in my world! I’ve been following along with your posts and thank you so much for your inspiration and encouragement!

God Bless You,


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