Keto Diet for Beginners

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Just when I thought that I had heard about every diet, fitness plan, and health trend out there here comes something new. I have been totally into the recent health trends like fitness technology, group exercise, intervals, and cycling. But this popular health and wellness craze is one that I am still learning about.

I’m pretty certain that you have already heard of it and that I am the one who is behind. It is called the Keto Diet and I have no idea what it is. A few weeks ago, a friend of mind said, “Oh no, I can’t eat that I’m on that Keto Diet, ” and my mind began to churn.  I also heard Halle Berry mention it on an early morning talks show a few months ago.

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

According to Korin Miller of Women’s Health, keto stands for ketogenic and the diet is about reducing your intake of carbohydrates and increasing fats. Over time you end up going into ketosis. During this period your body begins to burn stored fat. You are allowed to eat a certain amount of carbs daily, but the rest of the meal plan is kinda lenient.

Photo by Louis Hansel via Unsplash offers a full food listing and recommended menus. This includes fatty foods like beef, fish, chicken, butter, asparagus, almonds, and blue cheese. You can even keep eating a little bacon and yogurt, but you must avoid foods like maple syrup, agave, and soda. You should also take a few vitamins and supplements.

Many people have lost 100 pounds or more on this diet. Men’s Health gives several accounts of weight loss successes linked to the keto diet. One example is David Myers who noticed improvements in his health after being on the keto diet for one year. Tyler Segraves is another keto diet success story. He began the keto diet and lost over 141 pounds.

There are even lots of Keto products out there like Keto Pure, Perfect Keto Instant Keto Coffee, and the Ketogenic Starter Kit. I must say that as a health and fitness advocate I would d like to learn more about what it entails. I wonder what kind of energy levels people have on the diet or if it helps to reduce body fat?

What’s your opinion on this health and wellness trend?

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