October Beauty Blogger Spotlight

Corliss "LyriQ" Hambrick We are excited to feature a top beauty influencer each month. This month we are spotlighting Corliss "LyriQ" Hambrick, a health, beauty, and fitnesss Vlogger, blogger, model, actress and singer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Q&A How long have you been blogging? I‚Äôve been blogging since 2016. What inspired you to launch your … Continue reading October Beauty Blogger Spotlight

Spice Up Your Workout with the Megaformer

This summer has been filled with lots of new and exciting health, wellness, and beauty related adventures. I've tried new makeup, added a few more weights to my fitness routine, and tried out a few new fitness classes to spice up my life. Over the past year I've worked out at a gym and taken … Continue reading Spice Up Your Workout with the Megaformer

Hot New Health and Wellness Apps

One of many great new fitness trends are options for the tech-inspired athletic crowd. While exploring the latest and greatest in health and wellness, I discovered ways to improve health with just the click of a button. You may be familiar with various fitness trackers and gadgets, but have you tried any of the new … Continue reading Hot New Health and Wellness Apps

Keto Diet for Beginners

Photo by¬†Brooke Lark¬†on¬†Unsplash Just when I thought that I had heard about every diet, fitness plan, and health trend out there here comes something new. I have been totally into the recent health trends like fitness technology, group exercise, intervals, and cycling. But this popular health and wellness craze is one that I am still … Continue reading Keto Diet for Beginners