National Homemade Soup Day

Okay, I admit it. I am a foodie. One of the main highlights in my week is finding something new to eat. My palate does not require exotic foods and fanciful delicacies, but it does like high quality basics like subs, pizza, and pancakes. It’s usually a weekly treat because my digestion system is not all that swift, but I have found one thing that I can enjoy within getting puffed up.

Soup has become a staple item in my diet. I have not taken the next step to cook a soup from scratch, but I have found a few that are delicious. In lieu of National Homemade Soup Day, here is my list of top soups that have that home cooked taste from brands like Campbell’s, Progresso, and Marie Callendar.

Tomato Soup

My absolute favorite is Tomato Soup. I completely love Campbell’s Slow Kettle Tomato and Sweet Basil Bisque soup. It is a bit pricier, but I have not found many soups like it. Campbell’s canned tomato soup with basil has a similar taste. The difference is that the slow kettle soup is made with no preservatives.

My treat is to have my soup with Goldfish or Cheeze-Its. I know it probably adds a lot more calories, but the combination is delicious. I even recently found out that the Cheeze-Its are available in reduced fat, whole grain, pepper jack, extra toasty, white cheddar, and hot & spicy flavors.

Chicken Pot Pie

This soup is one of my favorites. Who doesn’t love a chicken pot pie! The soup has a very similar taste. I can enjoy the potatoes, carrots, chicken, corn, and peas without feeling hungry afterwards.

Penne Soup

I have only discovered the creamy tomato with penne soup once. I was pleasantly surprised. There were just enough noodles and the cream wasn’t too soupy.

Chicken Tortilla

Lately, I’ve gotten into Latin flavors. The chicken tortilla soup has the perfect blend of rice, beans, corn, peppers, and chicken. It makes me feel like I’m actually eating my favorite wrap.

Chicken Noodle

In spite of all of the soups in the world, there is still nothing better than good ole fashioned chicken noodle soup. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Campbell’s soup still tastes just like I remember from back in the day.

Next, I’ll try buying my own ingredients to make homemade soup. For now the canned option is super convenient, cost efficient, and easily digestible.

(Photo by Brooke Lark via @unsplash)

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