I’m Seriously Struggling…

I have a confession to make. I am struggling to manage my fitness goals this year. Around November of last year was the last time that I remember maintaining my fitness regimen. I was committed to four days a week at minimum. I had much more muscle tone and motivation. I was able to ride my bike for one hour or complete a full cardio class without getting tired. Now, I’m barely able to make time to work out two days a week. My size hasn’t changed but my level of fitness is slowly dropping and I know exactly why.

I’m currently addicted to snacks. I find myself consuming extras at night, which is a rarity. I usually keep a very strict diet with a few splurges here and there, but I just can’t get out of snack mode. They’re all whole green snacks, but that really doesn’t matter when they are consumed excessively. I find myself looking to my health crazed friends for inspiration.

Luckily today is National Green Juice Day. I now have a great reason (and a holiday) to reset my habits. I’m celebrating #nationalgreenjuiceday by trying out a recipe from allrecipes.com. I’ll complete my joyous day by visiting the gym and taking my favorite Zumba class.

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Photo by rawpixel via unsplash

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