Top 3 Pumpkin Carving Hacks

by LaTanya Williams

If you and your family are looking for a creative way to participate in the fall activities before getting all eerie, why not try a good ole’ fashion pumpkin carving? According to Better Homes and Garden, the great jack o’ lantern began as a part of Celtic history. It later made its way into American tradition in the 1800’s and continues to be a popular annual craft today.  Whether you are hoping to spark creativity or ward off goons and goblins, you can try out these top tips for making this spooky harvest time staple.


Photo by Yulia Chinato on Unsplash

#1 Ready, Set, Carve

One the fastest ways to create a unique pumpkin is to use a carving tool kit. There are many different kinds of kits available at local hardware, retail, and craft stores. You might get a few weird looking slicers and splicers like a hole punch, a scooper, and a poker wheel. Other sets include sharp tools, hole cutters, electronic carvers, and pencils. Just be certain to find one that is safe and age appropriate for your family.

#2 Cutting Up for Crafts

Stencils might also come in handy while you carve out your next frightful pumpkin face. There are thousands of pumpkin patterns and stencils available online. You can easily search, click, download, and print patterns. You and your family can create silly faces, movie characters, unicorns, and animals or try carve-less pumpkin decorating options.


Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

#3 Fright Free Leftovers

There are also quite a few cool things that you can do with the pumpkin after Halloween. You can make a long list of leftovers, from savory hummus and baked bread to pumpkin spiced latte. If you have furry friends in your family, you can even make pumpkin dog treats. Best of all, according to Terri Coles of  Huffington Post Canada, these leftovers are filled with lots of great vitamins.


Photo by Cayla1 on Unsplash

Halloween can be lots of fun for families. Pumpkin carving gives everyone time to gather together and practice their artistic gifts. Whether trying out a super goop scooping stainless steel carving kit, using masterful stencil designs, or simply waiting for the post Halloween menu items, pumpkin carving is still a timeless tradition.

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