Car Review – Ford Focus


Photo by Emil Vilsek on Unsplash

Few cars match the Ford Focus’s style, space, and affordability. The 2017 Ford focus serves as an exciting addition to the Ford family with the same well known elements.  You can expect to be wowed by this year’s newest version.  It is also well priced at $16,775 and economically convenient with 25/34 standard miles per gallon.


You will be immediately taken by the trendy, authentic body style. This new model is somewhat lowered with aerodynamic enhancing accents and a stand out exhaust system. The 18-inch aluminum wheels are also a fancy fit for this model. No matter what impressive colors you choose from Kona Blue, Race Red, Blue Candy Metallic, Stealth Gray or Oxford White, you’ll be easily recognizable when you arrive in this dapper new model. It is the ultimate representation of mod contortion.


There is nothing left to be desired when it comes to power as well. This 2017 Focus screams get up and go. One hard press on the gas petal and you’ll find out just what this model is made of. Design features that cover this area include 350 horsepower, 350 pound feet of torque, and a remarkable all-wheel drive system that makes for a smooth day to day commute.


The 2.3 L EcoBoost engine is a major contributing factor the models reinforced navigation possibilities. Driving economical doesn’t mean driving without distinction. This well-crafted engine will motivate buyers to make a quick visit to the nearest lot for a test drive.


You can expect great things regarding performance. Each part has been purposefully aligned to improve speed handling capabilities, tire reliability, and distribution of power. This ride offers several options including normal, sport, and track driving functions that make for a varied driving experience every time you hit the road.


There’s more quality where that came from. The interior craftsmanship takes the wow factor to another level, unveiling Ford’s sheer finesse. You can expect intricate French seams on the seats, adjustable head rests, carbon fiber accents, and aluminum foot petals. Winters will pass quickly without much discontentment. The heated seats, mirrors, steering wheels will keep you warm. There are also a few dandy functions for the ecofriendly like soy based foam and other recycled materials.

Safety Features

It is safe to say that this is an excellent choice for drivers looking for a modernistic new look with polished additions. It received an impressive 5-star rating from the national highway traffic safety administration, which is the highest possible rating. When it comes to this car’s ability to keep you and your family protected on the road you can expect top level enforcement from multiple angles.

The 2017 Ford Focus offers the perfect mix of accommodating features at an affordable price, giving drivers a reason get excited behind the wheel. You’ll also enjoy dazzling technology features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto compatibility, and park assist. It is easy to call this new model quite irresistible, especially if you are already on the market.

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