Best App to Create Your Instagram Content Calendar

Creating the perfect feed on Instagram can be quite challenging without the right tools. Thousands of new photos are posted every minute. It’s important to create content that stands out if you want to grow your following and become a social media influencer. Luckily, there are tons of great apps that allow you to plan your content and create a unique feed that will make your followers read your bio, click your links, and press that button to get notifications on your every post, reel, and story.

Photo by Jodie Cook on Unsplash

Apps like Planoly, Plann, and Preview are perfect for making the perfect Instagram feed, but what’s the difference between them? 


Planoly allows you to plan and schedule posts to your Instagram and Pinterest profiles. You can easily upload photos, write captions, and add hashtags. You can also coordinate auto-posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The most unique feature is the ability to easily create shoppable posts. Planoly also has excellent capabilities for data analysis.


Another great all-in-one social media suite is Plann. You can use it for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. It allows you to upload and edit photos for carousels, reels, and stories. You can also schedule posts and monitor results.  The unique features are the ability to create and store a hashtag set and the ability to create strategic placeholders to help you build your feed.  And if you need free content, you can search for photos and videos from Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash inside the app. 


Preview allows you to add media for reels, videos, and stories to your Instagram feed with the click of a button. The app makes it easy to review analytics and insights like profile views, impressions, reach, and follower count. You can also schedule posts, create placeholders, upload free photos, and repost photos. The unique feature is the function that lets you search for top hashtags within the app and create hashtag groups.

All three apps also have websites sites with additional resources and content. You can find post ideas, best practices, and social media trends. Plann That offers free training, content calendars, and marketing tips. Planoly’s site also offers tons of social media marketing guides, case studies, and downloadables.

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