Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

If you’re looking for creative ways to reach new audiences and build your brand in the new year, you’ll want to check out the top trends as recommended by leading influencers and experts in the social media marketing sphere.

META’s New Ad Manager

According to Social Media Today, one of the most significant changes is the introduction of Facebook / Meta’s new dashboard for ads management. The platform will shift to offer fewer options for campaign approaches and launch a new outcome-driven ad experience model (ODAX). As opposed to giving marketers 11 objective options they’ll now only offer 6.

Top Brands Using NFTs

Another major trend to look out for is the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  Ilia Markov defines NFT’s as “unique digital assets, or collectibles, that are created using the blockchain,” on the blog. These assets might include photos, music, videos, and art. They’re growing in popularity because they allow brands to create unique experiences that improve relationships with consumers and improve brand loyalty. Companies like Taco Bell, Asics, and Charmin have used NFT’s as a part of marketing campaigns with much success.

More Video, Fewer Tags

Instagram and Tik Tok have become popular because of exciting video features like stories and reels, but don’t forget about YouTube. According to Social Media Examiner, top trends include changes in YouTube’s video search criteria and a demand for long-form content despite the popularity of user-generated micro-videos called Shorts. The platform will shift its algorithm to focus on keywords and titles as opposed to tags, which played a major role in organic growth in the past.  Educator and course creator Jessica Stansberry says authenticity and a community are the keys to continuing to build awareness of your brand in 2022.

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