Summer Essentials 2021

There are a few items that I recently added to my list of must have’s this summer and I thought it would be nice to write a blog post about them. I am always amazed at the vast array of new products being offered – especially in the beauty industry. Just when you think you’ve had enough hyaluronic acid and collagen filled skin care products and exfoliating body washes you discover yet another ground-breaking product that seems to get the job done. I have tried out some great new places and products this summer, but these few have made it to the list of summer makeup bag essentials.  

Photo by Hitesh Dewasi on Unsplash

Smudge Free Foundation

The options for foundation are endless when it comes to summer essentials amazon. There are always a ton of great new products to try, but I’ve learned that the right drug store foundation can keep me looking fresh and eliminate my fear of the smudge. I was looking for a light foundation that wouldn’t rub off on someone if I gave them a hug and I think I found it. It’s called L’oreal Infallible 24-Hour Fresh Wear with SPF (you need that SPF!). You wouldn’t believe how smooth and seamless this looks for casual grocery store shopping or even trips to the gym.

No More Flaky Cheeks!

I waited forever for the ColourPop blush STIX. When I finally found the right color, of course it was out of stock and so I waited yet again. I had used another brand for creamy stick blush in the past, but really liked the bright summery colors that this line offered when I saw it at Ulta.  Well low and behold, I tried it and added it to summer makeup bag essentials. It’s something about a touch of “under pressure” that seems to give my face a glow.

Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

More Reds!

Red Wine. Did you say wine?! Yes, I was a Merlot lover for such a long time but recently transitioned over into something with a balance of bitterness and tart. I felt like my Merlot and even Shiraz was getting a bit sweet and really began liking something slightly darker. I’ll probably work my way back around to the Merlots and maybe even white wines again someday, but for now I am really into the Cabs.

If you like wine or if you’re curious, please send me an email for an invite to the next One Hope wine tasting on Thursday August 18, at 7PM EST. The wines are top rated Napa Valley bottles, and every purchase goes towards a good cause.

Shop here:

Cheers to a great rest of your summer and to the fluffy fall sweaters and boots that are soon to come!

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