Top Three Sizzling Summer Makeup Trends

Photo by Edz Norton

If you are thinking about ways to spice up your summer look and try out something new, top makeup artists and cosmetic enthusiasts are seemingly in agreement on a few things. Now is the time for bold black eyeliner, polished eyebrows, and effortless looking foundation. With temperatures rising and restrictions from COVID-19 lifting, your mask-less outings will be all the more glamourous with these stylish makeup trends.    

#1 Graphic Eyeliner

Perhaps you have always thought of dark eyeliners as a bit much. Maybe you just couldn’t think of the right occasion to showcase your artistry. If you are feeling more adventurous this year and are in the mood to express your creativity and spice up your makeup life, graphic eyeliner is in this season.

According to Cosmopolitan, dramatic eyeliners that accent they eyes in a variety of ways are a trend this summer. If you are into that you might try eyeliner that shapes the bottom and top of your eyes, extend your almond eye shape more, or even fills the full eye lid.

#2 Brushed Up Eyebrows

As far as eyebrows go, some like a soft arch, some like straight brows, and some like a high arch. This year the brushed-up eyebrow is really popular.  If the quarantine has left you a bit isolated and hairy, the full eye-brow might be a good look for you.

#3 No Makeup Makeup – Dewey Skin

Another steamy summer trend is dewy looking makeup that looks so good that it appears as if you are not even wearing it. InStyle magazine says this look can be achieved by keeping skin hydrated, using a good primer, and selecting a base that closely matches your natural skin color.

For instant lavishness, try one or all of these this season.

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