Lipstick Woes – Beauty Review

Has anyone out there found themselves engulfed in the mission of finding the perfect lipstick? I have a cosmetic bag preserved for lipsticks only. There are a number of colors like purples, nudes, pinks, and mauves and it’s not because I’m a lipstick guru. I have been challenged in finding the right color and texture. I like a lot of them for different occasions or moments when I feel like playing around in my makeup, but the color that I’ve had trouble finding is the one for every-day wear.

Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

I’m talking about that perfect lip color that is appropriate for the quick run to the grocery store, business meeting, or even the gym. I’ve come close many times but end up making a mistake and letting the one that I like get lost in a cycle in the washer and dryer. I’ve literally ruined clothes over this major lipstick mission. And then I’ve found another, but then only find out that the store decided to discontinue it. Before I know it, I am on the hunt again and adding yet more lipsticks to my cosmetic bag.

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash

Here is my story on lipstick: 

Ulta Festival Crayon – I instantly fell in love with this color only to learn that it was a seasonal color with limited availability. I’ve tried a few other sources like Amazon and Poshmark to find sellers.

NYX Slip Tease Strawberry Whip – I bought this one at a local cosmetic store and really like it on days when I’m feeling vibrant and ultra-feminine.

NYX Root Bear Butter Float – This is a nice neutral pinkish mauve that is suitable for the office or everyday wear.

Cover Girl Katy Perry Pink Paws – This is my absolute favorite color for special events or photo shoots. It gives just a little bit of sexy glam without being over the top. 

MamaStarrr Satin Patrick Starr – I love the texture of this lipstick and this color is great with my browns, creams, and greens. It is super smooth and moisturizing.

I most recently discovered the Beauty by POPSUGAR Sweet Satin Matte Lip Color and ordered a color called First Kiss. I am hoping that I’ll love this one as much as I loved the Ulta Crayon. I did find a nice replacement in the Ulta crayon line, but it was a matte and I used the Burt’s Bees lip oil over the top. I’m hoping that this gives me the look I want, but glad to have found a few others along the way. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

What is your interesting story about finding the right lipstick color, I’d love to hear?

Are you into purples, pinks, mauves, or nudes? I’ve heard that Kylie’s line is incredible!

What’s going on in you make up bag?


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