The Non New Year’s Resolution

New Years Eve 2018 
Happy New Year 2019
Photo via Pixabay

It is that time of the year again. This time last year you were probably doing something similar. You were planning out ten things that you wanted to change about yourself, your life, your habits, or your career. You vowed to accomplish those goals and to never look back, yet somehow one or two of those same things made their way onto your list again this year.

Congratulations! At least you marked off a few of the others. To switch things up this year I propose that we do a Non New Year’s Resolution. This means promising ourselves that we’ll always be adaptable to personal growth and change. We don’t need a January 1 to begin. We can start over and over as many times as we need to get it right. It’s a New Year’s Eve lifestyle forever.

Hats off to your new start each and every day! Leave a comment and tell me what your Non New Year’s Resolution is.

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